CAE & Dynatrace in Partnership

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CAE & Dynatrace


CAE and Dynatrace

The partnership that CAE and Dynatrace enjoy has been extended so that everyone that runs Dynatrace applications can do so on a reliable, scalable and fully supported hardware platform.

Hardware Configuration

A best of breed hardware configuration will ensure that you consistently get the most from your installation. The Dynatrace solution has been built on Dell technology following extensive evaluation what would deliver a combination of the best performing technology at the right price.

Fully Configurable

CAE and Dynatrace have worked together on suggested builds that are fully configurable and benefit from a range of services that will reduce the risk and speed up your installation as well delivering essential support as you move forward.

The partnership brings you:

Online configurator tool

The ability to pre-load software builds

Dedicated support

Trusted configurations from Dell ratified by CAE and Dynatrace

Worldwide support

Special bid pricing availability

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CAE’s service is the one-stop-shop to rapid provisioning of Dynatrace DC RUM recommended infrastructure. Their simple, reliable and speedy service, makes the process of ordering, building, testing and delivering infrastructure and software for your Dynatrace DCRUM solution a breeze.
Michael Allen - VP for Dynatrace