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UK & Globally

CAE is a Dell Platinum Partner with an exceptional track record of delivering IT infrastructure projects in both public and private sectors in the UK and globally.

Build Solutions

Over a 25 year period, CAE has consistently demonstrated a unique ability to build solutions based on all the world’s leading manufacturers and tailor them to each customer’s requirements so that the technology is successfully adopted by all those who need it.

People & Process

Technology does not make a difference on its own and it is the people and process that surround the infrastructure that make the real impact. CAE’s services approach, built on ITIL best practice, is recognised in the industry as delivering consistency and innovation.

The end result is that we want to give you back as much time as possible to focus on those things most important to you – let us help you manage your infrastructure and we will drive continuously improving service for continuously reducing cost.

More information on what makes CAE so special can be found at www.thisiscae.com

Our Services

Hardware build and staging

Testing all components, eliminating DOAs and completing the hardware build ready for shipping to meet your precise needs

Software configuration

Loading both operating system and Dynatrace configurations so they work out of the box


Physical racking of the configured system and ensuring connectivity into your environment. Every install is overseen by CAEs Project Management Office

Hardware support

Replacement parts sourced directly from the manufacturer and engineer on site with both next business day and 4 hour service levels